• Beverage packaging personalized and efficiency of the perfect combination
    Post time: Nov-02-2020

    In the beverage space, consumers expect personalized packaging, supplemented by some auxiliary function; At the same time, more and more beverage consumers with environmental awareness want to adopt environmentally compatible methods to produce resource-saving packaging containers. The packaging ...Read more »

  • Crystal glass bottle 10 processes
    Post time: Oct-30-2020

    People often use crystal to describe beautiful mind, indeed, delicate and beautiful crystal glass bottle not only looks glittering and translucent get rid of appears, the quality also is better than ordinary glass bottle, consequently be deeply loved by consumer. So how are these crystal glass bo...Read more »

  • Post time: Oct-20-2020

    How can the advantages of a glass bottle be displayed For a glass bottle packaging, bottle design is a very important link. Once the shape of a bottle has been determined, the subsequent bottle mold, production machinery, filling machinery and the whole set of production equipment must match the ...Read more »

  • Glass bottle production technology
    Post time: Oct-16-2020

    Glass production technology includes: batching, melting, forming, annealing and other procedures. They are introduced as follows: 1. Ingredients: Weigh all kinds of raw materials according to the designed recipe and mix them evenly in a mixing machine. The main raw materials of glass are: quartz ...Read more »

  • China Glass Composite Index on September 28, 2020
    Post time: Sep-30-2020

    China Glass Composite Index on September 28, 2020 On September 28, 2020, the China Glass Composite Index was 1333.66 points, an increase of 0.94 points from the previous month; the China Glass Price Index was 1387.44 points, an increase of 1.05 points from the previous month; the China Glass Conf...Read more »

  • High borosilicate hot, or mass production of 10 production lines?
    Post time: Aug-14-2020

    High borosilicate material monolithic fireproof glass has been written into the new industry standard. It is highly probable that it will form two monolithic fireproof glass material classifications with sodium calcium silicate fireproof glass. This material is almost born like a golden key. , En...Read more »

  • The market sentiment is good, and the manufacturers’ inventory is reduced!
    Post time: Aug-14-2020

    The recent overall trend of the glass spot market is fair, and the spot prices of manufacturers have risen relatively large, which will help increase the market confidence of downstream traders and processing enterprises. Judging from the recent export of manufacturers, the export level is still ...Read more »

  • Post time: Aug-04-2020

    From a regional perspective, the quotations of manufacturers in East China, South China, North China, Central China and Northeast China continued to rise slightly to boost market confidence. Generally speaking, the recent destocking speed of production enterprises is acceptable, and the end marke...Read more »

  • China Glass Composite Index on August 3, 2020
    Post time: Aug-04-2020

    On August 3, 2020, China Glass Composite Index was 1148.11 points, up 8.77 points from the previous month; China Glass Price Index was 1,184.15 points, up 9.51 points from the previous month; China Glass Confidence Index was 1003.97 points, up 5.82 points from the previous month. Since the weeken...Read more »

  • The mystery in transparency—glass products for food contact
    Post time: Jul-22-2020

    Five or six thousand years ago, a ceramic craftsman accidentally discovered a shiny object in a pottery basin during the process of making pottery. Since then, glass has entered people’s field of vision. For thousands of years, glass has always been an indispensable part of people’s l...Read more »

  • Production process of glass products
    Post time: Jul-22-2020

    Production process of glass products First, we must plan, determine and make the mold. The glass material is made of quartz sand as the primary material, and other auxiliary materials are melted into a liquid at high temperature, and then written into the mold, cooled, cut, and tempered to form a...Read more »

  • What kind of glass bottle is better?
    Post time: Jul-04-2020

    There are many types of glass, which play an important role in various industries. In addition to the insulating glass and laminated glass used to make doors and windows, we also have many kinds of artistic decorations such as hot-melt glass and embossed glass. These glass products have their own...Read more »